Is it bad of me to absolutely despise making lunches for Elizabeth to take to school and for Sarah to take to daycare? It’s probably my least favourite task. It’s not that I don’t like feeding my kids its that I hate trying to figure out what to give them. If we have leftovers it’s a blessing but because of our c-r-a-z-y schedules we are lucky if we get to sit down with each other for dinner once a week. Did I tell you that last thursday was the first time in over a month – i repeat OVER A MONTH – that I was able to come home from work and cook dinner for the fam?

Got any tips to make it easier on me? (aside from quitting my job of course – lol)


Am I the only one that craves time alone so much that I stay up all hours of the night just to enjoy the peace and quiet? I found myself still wide awake this morning at 1:00am!!

So being my crazy self I have always thought it its important to enroll my children in the activities available to give them a chance at deciding what they want to get into. For those of you that know me I’ve enrolled Elizabeth in numerous activites over the last 5 years of her life and on some days find myself running from work to ballet to soccer to swimming, etc. It finally just occurred to me last night that I can send her required outfit with her to school so that when i pick her up from afterschool care she can be dressed and ready to go when I get there! I tried it today and it was so great. The pick up and commute to ballet was made without a fight, no stress and we showed up with time to spare. Definitely a must.

We moved into this house in May and since then I’ve been having a hard time trying to find something to clean these high-end laminate floors. I’ve tried everything from Pinesol, Lysol, laminate floor cleaners – you name it I’ve tried it. The problem is no matter what the mixture they always have somewhat of a sticky feeling to them, they show foot prints and attract lint/dust and it has been driving me to the point of wanting to rip them out an put in some nice carpet. I figured that before I do that I will have one more go at it. I mixed up a concoction of BOILING WATER, White Vinegar, and a dot of dish soap.  (I know, many of you have probably already done this but I’m addicted to cleaning products due to my germaphobic tendacies) I can’t believe it. After all the money and frustration I have taken out on these floors this actually worked! They are shiney, smooth, clean and the mix is environmentally friendly. The reason I came up with this is because I’ve never liked using Windex on my windows because it always leaves streaks so I’ve used vinegar and water and they always come out better – however I really like using my shammies that require only water too. Now I am on a mission to find a really good mop.

One tip for all you home owners, never buy a light or too dark colour of laminate or hardwood. they will show everything – even if you’re a neat freak. I wish i still had the cheap laminate from our townhouse – that colour was the best.

Welcome to my new blog!! Stay tuned for tomorrows post 🙂

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